Thursday, 16 June 2011

Wild mint tea

The other day i was thinking why not share all the little herbal secrets our Grand-mothers used to apply on us when we need something a little different from conventional method of health.
And believe it or not, these herbal remedies work like magic!
No side effects, simple and very effective. I use it all the time.... why wont you try it!

As i was growing up my grand mother used to give me a special cup of warm wild mint tea with a spoon of honey... mmmm.... now that really works for nausia (due to any reason), upset stomach (especially dhirea) and mother of all pains, period pains.

All you need:
~ 1 1/2 cups of water
~ 1 teaspoon honey (no sugar of any kind.... as sugar is used for constipation)
~ 3 pinches of Wild Mint Tea (you can plant them in a pot and use fresh leaves or dry them and store it in a airlocked jar)
~ 1 cardimon, it is optional but its prefered to keep it simple, it works faster that way.
~~ Boil the leaves in the water for a minute. Strain. Add honey.

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